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Posted by / 10-Oct-2020 01:15

Anyone relying on the server for backup/system support will be precluded from installing Windows 10 on clients until a working Connector is available. The first few were called Windows Home Server (WHS), but after Microsoft ended that product line, it created something called Windows Server Essentials (WSE) with slightly broader ambitions.

WHS and WSE have a lot in common, but one of those similar features is Connector, software that is installed on any client-based PCs—Windows PCs and Macs—to control backups, remote access, and other functions, and supply the Dashboard server management experience.

If you’re not sure if you have 32bit or 64bit, right-click “Computer” (on the start menu) and choose “Properties”.

Microsoft will “soon” release a Windows 10-compatible Connector, and release it via its Download Center web site.At first, you will need to manually install this new Connector on Windows 10 clients from the web.But Microsoft says it expects to add this new Connector to WSE 2012 R2 in October 2015.Here’s the page you need to read and from which you can manually download the latest spyware and antivirus definitions for Microsoft Security Essentials. At the bottom it says “Applies to Windows 7 Professional”. Wally’s Answer: Microsoft Security Essentials is a great antivirus utility from Microsoft.

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UPDATE: Microsoft has already released the Windows 10 compatible version of the Connector software for WSE 2012 R2.