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Sex chat no sighing up

I was rewarded with two hands gripping my hair and pushing back, while she shuddered her release. " "Please, have fun." Teri was looking for some fun of her own.

The girl at my waist was fucking me hard, and I thrust up against her, groaning, gasping for air. Pound that poor tight little pussy to pieces." I was straining from the exertion, but I kept pounding into her, listening to her sweet little moans and gasps. "Alright, but don't forget." I looked over to the side and saw Shannon was sleeping. You guys fucked the shit out of him." Lisa grinned, grabbing my cock and shaking it. She straddled me in 69, peeking back over her shoulder at me.

I looked down and saw Julie, eyes closed, forehead wrinkled in concentration, while she rode me. Lisa whispered, "Not inside her, she's not on the pill yet." I moaned, pounding her with long strokes, feeling that small sexy body tense up, before trembling with ecstasy. Lisa moved down and indelicately pushed her sister off me, taking my cock in her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down slowly a few times, then lifted up, sucking hard, and pulled off me with an audible pop. Sticking your hard prick in your teacher's nasty mouth? Suck me off, please." It didn't take a lot of time or finesse. Me." She turned and pressed her lips to Shannon's, kissing her deeply. Not with you guys here." We gave Teri a couple more minutes. "Maybe if you're good, the girls will allow you some more practice. I figured that Max may have convinced Wendy to join him in his tent after all. " Teri surprised me for the umpteenth time tonight by leaning over Shannon and kissing her softly. I'd love to see you with him, if just this once." Shannon turned her head to Lisa, for another, deeper kiss. " Everyone nodded, watching while her sexy mouth lowered over my cock. " "I swear, this thing isn't going down until dawn. I walked through the second shelter, where we'd spent such an interesting evening, finding it empty. I don't use an editor often enough, but Marie Writer helped with this series, and it's considerably better for her assistance. I came hard, shooting over and over, each time I thought I was finished another burst shooting outward. She started working on my cock, licking and kissing it. I lay down between her legs, lowering my mouth to her moist lips. "Eat me." I did my best, putting all I'd learned one special weekend at the beach into play. " "Exactly like this," I told her, sliding back inside her warmth. Same blonde peach-fuzz, same narrow inner lips, same hard little clit. We toweled off, and I gave her a quick hug and kiss, before opening the zipper and heading in. All three girls were naked, with Shannon lying on my sleeping bag between the sisters. I felt hands around my hips and looked over my shoulder to see a naked Teri pulling down my shorts. The girls moved toward her, and she pulled Julie close, pressing her lips to her, sharing my cum. The third time, when her moans had nearly reached the perfect pitch, I rose up and thrust my aching cock into her, to the hilt, pushing her immediately over the edge, and making her come hard on my cock. She came for me sweetly, gasping, and dropping her head to the ground, that sweet pussy of hers still held high for me. They didn't talk, one minute they'd be straddling me, then they'd be switching. They were playing with me, switching more often, only a couple of minutes each time.

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