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Posted by / 30-May-2020 02:20

There’s still hope if you didn’t fall into the category of profound connection before the sex… Sex and relationship feelings are WORLDS apart for guys in the beginning – they are completely separate during the beginning of a relationship and then merge later on down the line (at the love stage). You can’t force it, but if it’s a possibility, creating the space would be a good direction to go.

If you want a relationship, I would encourage you to find ways to connect on a deeper level. If you want him to be more open with you, demonstrate openness.

It would be looked at from the perspective of “passion” and “love at first sight”.

Role playing is about stepping into a role or character…

and forming a genuine connection is the total opposite.

There are some guys who will never date a girl that sleeps with them on the first date out of principle, but the surprising reality is that that’s only a small percentage of men who are that are that rigid.

For the majority of guys, what really counts (and what they’ll reflect on) is the in which the sex happened. I mean, if the sex happened after hours of amazing conversation and genuine connection, that will most likely have good potential for a relationship.

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