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Slovenian dating

In chronological order: Biped humanoids first appeared several million years ago, but the modern variety, Homo sapiens, hadn’t been around too long before they were almost wiped out.

Huge tidal waves came racing across the North Sea to slam against north-east Scotland, and the sea penetrated forty kilometers inland before starting to drain back.

The same massive surge of water also inundated the connecting low lying land between Britain and Europe.

The flooding lasted for several months, and at its peak one million cubic meters of water flowed into the English Channel every second, that’s a thousand times more than goes over Victoria Falls, in Africa.

The event is believed to have been the largest explosive eruption anywhere on earth in the last 25 million years, and it was so immense it came very close to calling time-out for the burgeoning human race.

Up to 6,000 cubic kilometers of ash – enough to cover the entire USA to a depth of 70cm – jetted into the atmosphere.

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