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Social dating networking sites

What information can be gleaned from the that which you share and post publicly, and what information can be gathered through electronic tracking and profile building around your social network use.Publicly available information Every social network allows you to post some information that is completely publicly accessible.Social networks that provide their services without user fees make a profit by selling advertising.This is often done through behavioral advertising, also known as targeting.Remember that it is difficult to control what information they are gathering, how they might use it, and who they will share it with.Government and law enforcement access Law enforcement and government officials can monitor social networks for valuable information.Social networks come in many shapes and sizes, most sharing similar features but designed to offer a different kind of service (and, of course, some social networks may change focus and features over time).

Be aware that information entered as evidence in a court case could potentially become part of a public record.

This practice is appealing to marketers because targeted advertisements are more likely to result in a purchase by a viewer than comparable non-targeted advertisements.

They are valuable to social networks as they can be sold at a higher price than regular ads.

Though each social network has adopted its own procedures for dealing with requests from law enforcement agencies, it’s important to keep in mind that the degree to which these sites cooperate, or don’t cooperate, with law enforcement may not be fully explained in the privacy policy.

Of course, information on social networking sites has been used as evidence during criminal and civil trials.

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What information are you sharing when you use social networks?

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