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The staff at Turing emphasizes their educational experience, not just their years as developers, and promises that successful graduates of the school will be valuable contributors to the company they choose to work for through community-driven education.The application process is rolling and requires a resume, writing sample, video response, and logic challenge.

So I took a chance on Turing, which was (for me) the far more expensive and difficult path.

Had I prepared more for the full immersion that is Turing, I can honestly say things would have gone smoother.

Do the pre-work and be ready to be committed to the program.

After the course of many career changes, and once I decided to pursue programming, I began spending a fair amount of time researching coding programs.

From what I found, Turing seemed to be the longest, and most positively-reviewed of the 'bootcamps'.

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While feeling like failure, the staff and other students made it known I wasn't.

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