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Regular dinner parties are usually six to eight people, but if you have a large family and plan on entertaining during holidays, you may want more.A good point to keep in mind when you first register is to sign up for products you really want or need, like a new mattress.Then as the items on your checklist start to dwindle, add more.That way you won't be stuck with a fruit basket when instead you really need those extra salad plates. Browse registries of the newlywed couples you know.

Casual china, such as earthenware and stoneware, is often less costly and tends to be lower quality.

Even though you can't imagine a need at this moment in your life for that gravy boat, it may become indispensable for future Thanksgiving dinners with your in-laws.

Make a list of what both of you have and will keep—and what you still need and want.

Speak up and ask: Is the gift-buying process hassle-free for buyers? Your guests will have plenty of options, and you won't have to keep adding items as things are bought.

To make it easy on yourself and others, pick one store for bedding, another for china, and so on.

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Follow these 26 tips to create a registry that's perfect for you (and compare retailers and manage your registries with The Knot All-In-One Wedding Registry here).

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