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Tavia yeung dating

Him continued to tightly hold onto Tavia as they left the hotel.

Although it was difficult to hide their exhaustion, they were still all smiles.

Tavia even said that she had never experienced being so tired that her toes cramped up on top of one another.

When asked whether they felt it was unfortunate to have missed their wedding night, they said, "This is only a ritual!

However, Him was later accused of dating four girls at the same time.

Worried that her beau might revert to his playboy ways, Tavia decided to "keep a close watch" on her boyfriend of one year."Him said that Tavia is very controlling. If he's not free to pick up the call, she would keep calling until he picked it up," Him's friend said.

The Moment of Signing Was the Most Touching Tavia frankly said that her husband dressing up as a bear was, without a doubt, touching, but the most touching was the moment of signing because, at that time, her mother said while tightly holding onto Him's hands, "From now on, I am handing my daughter over to you. The two were so tired that they also missed their wedding night.

During the banquet, she also took the opportunity to take the initiative to touch Kay Tse's stomach to receive happy energy.Tavia was still touched that her husband gave her a surprise, but her most memorable was actually the signing of the marriage certificate and the moment her mother handed her over to Him.From now on, the two are going to begin a new page in their lives.The wedding saw numerous TVB actors and actresses in attendance, some doubling up as groomsmen and bridesmaids for the couple.Tavia’s bridesmaids included Claire Yiu, Meinei Cheung and Natalie Tong, while Him’s groomsmen included Vincent Wong, Kenneth Ma and Ron Ng.

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At the wedding, Him dressed up as his wife's favourite Rilakkuma singing "Need You Every Minute".

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