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At that time the tribal elders showed at their tent and Jungue being the interpretor nowhad asked Louis to come with them for a meeting of only the superior tribal men whenthe time warranted such,and Jungue not wanting to tell Louis as yet that this meetingwould be about the upcoming "nite of the pigs" since his knowledge of the white mansworld knew they believed in no such pilgrimage to anything outside of their Christmasand the American Thanksgiving he had witnessed when he was in the states to set upthe coming of the missionaries to their village.

The femaleswere surely ready to clean up and did so leaving Louis to haul water several timesfor all this.So as everyone in the village sat at the eating tent that was used for the entire tribeto be fed because individual family meal practices to them were never even a thingat all.And as they all sat and ate the dayz gathering and catch the 3 women seemedto be on edge about how they were being looked at and over by not only the females ofthe tribe but the males seemed to be really looking them over!!The women of the village had already given the three women their potion of luv asit could be termed.It was a mixture of many plants the villagers themselves only had the recipe for or even knew exactly what plants and what amount were needed in this highpowered elixir just given to the women.

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As the tribal women had shown to her and the girls to drink thestrange looking liquid contained in the ritual bowl as they then used a cup made from some other strange jungle fruit or guard and offered it to Ellen who not being one to want to sayno and be unfriendly in any sort of way,so she took a sip and after shaking her head to adjustto the strange and seemingly potent sourness flavor as the tribal women gave her a nod to drinkit all so she consumed the cup of liquid that seemingly had her taste glands in an uproar like thiswas drinking a cup of pickle juice in a way but had a strange sort of calming fruity flavor, whilethe tribal woman then went to her daughters and they all drank this potion as well and soon acalming, sort of feeling came over them all, as the tribal women jestured to them to sit down andthey all sat around trying to do the best they could to relate to each other mostly using hand jesturesand such.

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