Too many fish in the sea online dating

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Too many fish in the sea online dating

This ‘plenty of fish’ mentality is the reason why a lot of people can’t maintain relationships.Divorce rates are higher than ever and the lifespan of most relationships is becoming shorter and shorter.Instead of working through things with the person they are dating, they opt to venture out and find a new fish.They don’t give the fish they already have an opportunity to develop a real connection. Although it was a lot harder to meet someone, when you finally did meet that special person, you were blissfully ignorant of other eligible partners who might be available to you.I won’t use names because that’s just not fair, and I won’t really talk about the dates that were just normal, but uninteresting.You can call this trashy, funny, or you can be indifferent, I really don’t mind.

They are quick to discard people for flimsy reasons because they know that they could be out with someone new and possibly someone better tomorrow.

Lots of choices just distract you from the person in front of you.

Instead of focusing on all the choices you have, focus on spending quality time with the first person that catches your interest. Stop dating around and put in effort to see where things go with that one person.

I’m writing this blog because of my recent turn of events.

I recently split up with the worst thing that ever happened to me in June.

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