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Tversity library not updating

) negligible benefit when playing Blu-ray and DVD discs.

Deep Color does not make your blacks "blacker" or your reds "redder." The most you can get along those lines is a characteristic of your display, not of the disc or player.

The AVCHD version will also work when copied onto a USB device. If you prefer you can cancel it and make all your adjustments with the Setup menu directly. The entire display chain must be HDMI 1.3 or later, and must support Deep Color, which is an optional, not mandatory part of the HDMI 1.3 standard.

Of course, all the settings the Wizard makes can be changed manually later. Note that there are no Deep Color Blu-ray or DVD discs.

I don't know why this would be necessary, other than perhaps to minimize HDMI handshaking issues with touchy A/V receivers or displays.

Sometimes subtitles appear high on the display (for example, so as not to obscure onscreen credits) and it would be nice if these were shifted down when lower titles were shifted up, but the player does not currently do that.

The video processing engines inside the display feeding those display elements may also only do their math at 10 bits per component or even 8 bits.

Some Deep Color displays only actually implement Deep Color if you are feeding them a 1080p/24fps video stream -- i.e., not 1080p/50 or 1080p/60.

Blu-ray discs with BD-Java cannot be resumed by the player automatically.

You have to use the programming on the disc (if such exists) to set a bookmark or some other saved point.

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Deep Color (which ought to be called "greater than 8-bit color") provides a finer gradation of shades between the colors encoded on the disc.

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