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Two chat

They took half 8-7, with big contributions from Ndovu in the zone.

He succeeded where most can’t, covering Henry Fisher deep.

He anchored a sneaky efficient O-line all weekend was huge for D-line conversion when NUT tightened their lines to pull out a comeback win against Auburn (to take their place in the bracket).

Robert Alongi (Auburn) stood out this whole weekend, but particularly in the Auburn vs Northwestern game, Alongi was a force on defense.

The stats haven’t been refreshed through the last round but up until then he was 3rd in the tournament in goals with 12, and most of them were from him roofing people on jump balls.

He was a huge part of Stanford taking half on CUT, coming down with 4 goals in the first half.

Through five games, Dick has only been charged with only two turnovers…

in the same game, in the same point at the end of Brown’s win over Pittsburgh.

They lost again later that day to Stanford but played better overall.On Day 2 they continued that slow build until playing a lights out game in their prequarters game with Tufts.Now they’re the highest remaining seed in their half of the bracket, and if you can still find any Fugue stock, I’d snap it up without any hesitation. Much has been made of Brown’s household names–thrower Mac Hecht and FOTY favorite John Randolph. They’ve dominated the stat sheet thus far in Milwaukee. One player that may not have the same numerical impact as his more heralded teammates is Ned Dick.He tallied 5 blocks against NUT, 3 of which were pretty filthy layouts.Auburn has a few household names and up until this weekend Alongi wasn’t among them, but he’s on my radar going forward.

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