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Updating facebook status constantly

He told him: 'Whatever might have been in your mind before you entered that bedroom, the point came when you did intend to kill your wife.'You subjected her to an attack which involved 13 stab wounds and 39 separate lacerations. 'The effect of that act was to devastate an entire family, her parents, her brothers, her sister in law and young nieces. By killing her in their home, you have violated their home of 40 years, where now, as far as Sarah's bedroom is concerned, they cannot bring themselves to go.'Earlier, the court heard how the couple separated three weeks before the murder after arguments about the amount of money being spent on cocaine and father-of-two Richardson's refusal to have children with Sarah. He stabbed his wife with such force her ribs were broken When Richardson discovered his estranged wife had changed her Facebook status to single, he drove to her parents Sandbach home with a knife and strips of black tape to muffle the sound of breaking glass.Forrester, drank alcohol and took cocaine before driving 15 miles to the family home to attack his wife as she lay in bed.

He was taken to hospital and later arrested.'During interviews he told police he knew he had stabbed his wife but couldn't remember the exact details of the assault.'When he learned his wife had died he was upset.'Mr Richardson was under an element of stress due to the break up of his marriage.

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Richardson was yesterday jailed for life after a jury took less than three hours to convict him of murder at Stafford Crown Court.

Sarah Richardson, 26, was stabbed to death by her estranged husband Edward Richardson after she changed her Facebook status to 'single' Judge Simon Tonking ordered Richardson, of Biddulph, Stoke-on-Trent, to serve at least 18 years.

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