Updating printer firmware

Posted by / 16-Nov-2020 02:08

Updating printer firmware

In the case the downloaded file do not automatically self-extract, double-click the downloaded file.How to Confirm the File Size Insert a SD card that has been formatted in the Camera into the SD card reader.● The utility can only be run in Windows 7, Windows 8.x, or Windows 10. ● Physical presence is required to use the utility.

HP Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Configuration Utility Link: The utility does not detect other disk encryption solutions.Compatibility ● The HP TPM Configuration Utility is supported on 2015 commercial platforms that have Infineon SLB9670 TPM chip and the latest Commercial BIOS (supported platforms listed in the SCOPE). TPM 2.0 is not supported on HP platforms with Windows 7.The version of the firmware will not appear in the basic zone. (1-A) Battery Pack LP-E5(The battery pack must be fully charged.) (1-B) AC Adapter Kit ACK-E5 (sold separately) (2) SD card (64MB or more, 2GB or less) In order to supply power to the camera, either (1-A) or (1-B) is necessary.The downloaded file will automatically self-extract, creating the firmware update file.

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When using AEB together with exposure compensation, the camera may fail to write the third shot to the SD card. X" at the end of the settings shown in "Set-up 3 (Yellow)", which is the currently installed firmware version number.