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Updating ps2 driver

Note that some manufacturers offer utilities to uninstall old drivers, ensuring a clean removal of all driver-related files from your computer.

If you need to manually remove the driver, right-click the Start button, select Device Manager, right-click the affected device, and select Uninstall.

Note that the Local Group Policy Editor is not available to Windows 10 Home users.

For this solution, you need to head into the System portion of the Control Panel. In the Control Panel sidebar, select Advanced system settings.

To change a restricted driver, you need to disable the setting in the Group Policy Editor, make your changes, then enable the restriction again. Alternatively, if you would like to disable all driver updates, you can also Enable the setting to Prevent installation of devices not described by other policy settings.

However, we recommend only blocking updates for selected drivers, as described above.

First, you need to collect the device IDs for hardware you don’t want Windows to manage for you. Right-click the Start button and select Device Manager.

Double-click the respective device, switch to the Details tab, and select Hardware Ids from the drop-down menu under .

It takes the responsibility of updates off your shoulders.

Updates and drivers are installed automatically, with no need to select which updates are needed or not needed.” –Microsoft Support If you’d like to keep your custom drivers or if you’re not keen on updating a running system, let us show you how to lock in your drivers.

Microsoft admits that “in rare cases, a specific driver or update might temporarily cause issues with your device.” To prevent the troublesome driver (or update) to reinstall automatically, Microsoft offers this solution. The best option is to roll back to the previous version.

Using one of the values in the next step should be sufficient.

Now we’ll head into the Local Group Policy Editor to exclude these devices from Windows Update.

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Press Windows key R, enter gpedit.msc, and hit Enter.