Updating questhelper

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Updating questhelper

Side note: In about three stories now I've had Rogue studying for an aerospace engineering degree.Just so we're clear on the canon here: Rogue doesn't have any tertiary education to my knowledge.Not a problem, except his efforts to fly under the radar were blown when the X-Men went public.Faced with a brunette who took her obsession too far, how ever will he get her out of his bed?So, before you contact me, here are my standard responses: Writing the X-men version of [insert movie/fairy tale/cartoon/whatever] here: Go right ahead.

But you know what they say; When life hands you lemons, you make sure they're organic, and hide them from your roommates. I'm using a bit of artistic license to imply that a day passes between Thor and Sunfire having to rescue Rio de Janeiro from space wreckage and Rogue's OOC killing of the Scarlet Witch.

Writing 'X-men as celebrities' stories: Go right ahead.

I don't own the concept in the first place, and I wouldn't be so presumptuous to say that I did.

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Those who do will receive regular updates on where I am with my writing, and occasionally I will post excerpts from the stories I'm working on.

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Most funny dialogue, because when I write something that makes me giggle, I have this compulsion to share, haha: also on Tumblr.