Uwatec trimix updating for galileo advice for dating someone in the army

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Uwatec trimix updating for galileo

Via the Smart Trak software, you can download the new firmware version over the internet and upload it to the Galileo Sol, in the comfort of your own home, as they say. Dive computer manufacturers need to make the strap long enough for the largest wrist and the thickest wetsuit.

This usually means a lot of excess strap flapping all over the place. Its excess strap slots neatly under the unit out of the way.

The Galileo Sol should be a big hit with all underwater photographers and videographers.

It now displays my name at startup and contains several text messages that I entered (more about these below). The screen is large and easy-to-read, even for my 50 year-old eyes.

Because the screen can be read at almost any angle, you can keep your hand steady on the housing's arm while glancing over to read the computer.

As mentioned above, I have also found that the "text input" feature under personalization has an extra benefit for underwater videographers. "wait here for 20 seconds then follow me", "do not look at the camera", etc).

Switching to the inbuilt compass was easy and worked well.

The compass works even with the computer tilted off level.

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It is comfortable and once on, you forget it is there.

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