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Wachete sends instant or summary notifications (per your preference) over email and notifies about changes via its mobile app too.

It collects and stores web content along with change history for up to six months, allowing you to track old pages or changes when required.

Learn More First, let me say that CMS Builder is outstanding. Congratulations on a great product backed up by excellent support.

It will become a standard with most of our websites now and we are figuring out new and interesting ways of using it every day.

For this purpose, here are 5 of the best content monitoring tools that notify you of any changes in your favorite pages without having to access them frequently. Read Also: Web Services & Tools To Monitor Website Downtime Wachete has a lot more to offer than other content monitoring tools on this list.

What makes it stand out is its ability to monitor password-protected pages as well as dynamic and Java Script pages.

Moreover, you can track changes on pages that require a click or an input and monitor configured pages from different locations and more.

Surprisingly, you can also monitor specific parts of a web page or a site with sub-pages.

On Web Change tracks change for various types of content like images, documents, PDFs, etc.Also, you can check the changed data of three months in for free, and even export it to a spreadsheet.Another interesting feature is it sends you detailed report of content, snapshot, and HTML changes, helping you to easily understand the changes. Let them update their website (no more costly delays waiting on content from your client).Increase your earnings offering CMS Builder for your projects (use this FREE marketing content).

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In such a case, you should leave it to web content monitoring tools.

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