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I think my biggest contribution to what he has on paper is I said to him, 'I think what we really need and what's missing a little bit is the connection to the daughter'.

And he said, 'You're right.' And we changed a few things, which I think really helped with the conflict and with Monica and stabilized from there where she was and who she was.

Almost all have the purpose of helping you get to know each other better, but also to give you something to talk about when your mind is drawing a blank. I like these Fun and Random questions because they're not your typical questions you'll see in other posts, like "what is your favorite food, favorite hobby, biggest dreams" or sometimes the questions get really deep so that you can really dig into your relationship and what is happening there. In fact, I may make a future post about my favorites from those lists. ;)Research has found that people are happier when they have more fun in their lives.

Sometimes all I can think to talk about is stuff about the kids or the schedule for the week, etc.

And we hit it off pretty much from the first two or three minutes of talking.

And I feel sometimes and in some ways like Linda Romanoli, Monica Velour.

I mean if you went online and you look at some of the blogs, which one can do on a lonely night, it's pretty startling what people will say about you just because you're in your fifties.

They say that children need their mother, but I think that children need their mother and their father - particularly later in life.

When I started to go away to school and jobs, that was when I needed my father.

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But fifty, it comes with disgust and anger and marginalization.

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