Which american idols contestants are dating radioactive dating lesson plan

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Which american idols contestants are dating

“I’ve lost about 70 pounds now,” Caleb said on Sunday night’s episode after host Ryan Seacrest brought up his transformation.

In the seat you can see Maddie cuddled and laying on Caleb's shoulder and he had his arm around her. I have wondered in the past if contestants "hooked" up, liked each other, etc and heard rumors before.

I have heard/read Gabby and Cade have a "thing" going on and that Caleb and Maddie have something as well.

If you follow Dennis on instagram, he posted a story of them in a van (I assume on their way to Disneyland.

You can see them wearing the same hoodies and Michael answering for Michelle too. Do you think Michael and Michelle would make a cute couple?

Right before the finals, they were together always. I'm gonna be sad Michelle's not going on tour if it's true that they're dating lol.

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Yes I saw all that, and the one where the two of them were sitting together with a stuffed monkey on Michael's back (from Maddie's Instagram too) It's interesting 'cause I thought Michael and Catie did have chemistry.