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Who is batista dating now

So the fact that she dated multiple wrestlers disqualifies her from being considered a 'ring rat' because that term just didn't fit Miss Elizabeth. Miss Elizabeth's relationship with Randy Savage, both kayfabe and legit, is perhaps the most famed wrestling relationship of all time.

They were one of the few wrestling couples to have a successful on-camera wedding without the ceremonies being interrupted by either a bombshell or Triple H drugging the spouse and marrying her for himself.

Such close proximity and incessant group travel breeds insanity, infighting, and inbreeding.Chyna downgraded to Sean Waltman following her relationship with Triple H.The two gained notoriety for making a horrifying sex tape entitled 'One Night In Chyna' (watch if you dare), as Chyna would engage in a downward spiral that continues to this day.The career move enabled Angle to spend more time with his family.While Kurt Angle did get his wish of spending more time with Karen Angle, this has now come in the form of a worked shoot feud between Angle, his now ex-wife, and Jeff Jarrett.

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Such vixenish behavior reportedly got Mickie James shipped to Smackdown! Triple H's particular dating resume earns merit primarily for the power involved in it, both figuratively and literally.