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Forums and groups devoted to lip balm addicts abound on the Internet.

It takes forever just finding someone interesting let alone finding someone interesting AND single.Sciarretto spends about 0, but she also collects free samples as part of her job reviewing online beauty products.“It’s America’s hidden addiction,” said Kevin Crossman, 39, founder of For guys: With three options you can’t lose, right? This leaves one eligible bachelorette who will no doubt take an interest in any other member of the group that isn’t you. For girls: You thought one dude from the internet lusting after you was creepy enough? While Grouper presents its group scenario as an innocent way for guys and gals to meet in a comfortable, friendly setting, don’t think for a second that one or all of the guys isn’t hoping the situation might devolve into an orgy that would make even Caligula jealous.For girls: These career-oriented gents just don’t have time for dating or the singles scene.

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In the case of the latter, see the above section pertaining to Tinder.

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