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How about knitting a Wrap-Around Bathrobe to enjoy while creating your own spa day at home?

Our free knitting pattern makes a unique gift to share with a friend or soft cuddly homemade robe for you to cuddle up in.

Gauges: 4 sts equal 1 inch 5 rows equal 1 inch Instructions: Coat: Starting at bottom with rust, cast on 180 sts, do not join. Continue working garter st throughout with rust, for first and last 8 sts of each row (border). Replace left front st holder so points of back st holder and left front st holder meet under left arm.Office Affair I am not ashamed of admitting that I am having a sexual affair with my boss, he's a fifty six year old rich businessman and I am his twenty seven year old sexy secretary.I am honest enough to say the relationship and sex with him is only because in return he lavishes nice presents on me, takes me out to top restaurants and treats me to holidays that otherwise I could never afford.He make me swallow his manhood when he's about to orgasm and hold my head until he's finished filling my mouth.One day, after giving my boss a session of anal sex, he immediately left the office for a company meeting.

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I agreed and since then I fulfil that in his office under his desk every Wednesday to give him oral sex.

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