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The rest of the cast was also just wonderful, especially the two shady "mural painters" who were hired to help with the Amy-napping.

As for the costumes, sets, and photography, they were great for a film that was probably made on a shoestring.

While on a ski trip, one of them finds passion with a beautiful girl after a random accident on the icy slopes. The only one I ever, ever want to be with, you know?

The others quickly conclude that the extreme circumstances of the accident were what caused love to bloom. And besides, no one else would go out with me, so... [ Lindsay (Amanda Detmer) and Daniel (Devon Sawa) work for an advertising agency.

As a child, when asked to play Truth or Dare, Park always picked dare. She leaps from second-story windows without a net, drives at break-neck speed thro What happens when Survivor meets The Love Connection? She's agreed to be a contestant on X-treme Dating, a hot new reality TV dating show.

Alas, things do not turn out well in Dan's case either.

Uh, oh, is the pursuit of happiness about to go a little too far? It was funny, it was clever, and it had very attractive, talented cast.

All the principal stars, Detmer, Sawa, Virgo, Keegan, Sigler and Meatloaf gave sly, vastly humorous performances.

See full summary » A single father balances his work as an attorney with the care of his five year old son and his work as a high school basketball coach in rural Kansas, where he moved after his wife ...

See full summary » Two down on their luck childhood friends struggle to figure out their lives.

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One dater dates another who has brought along their two EX's.